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Marriage is a triumph of imagination over Intelligence


Now that 26 years have rolled by,my intelligence is at all time low,I decided to marry without realising where it leads to :(
suddenly there is a spate of happenings.....
the phone bill shot up....
my free time is a thing of past....
my hangouts are long forgotten...
from torn jeans to trim suits..
Dhabhas to candle light dinners..
saturday night thrillers to friday evening temples...
and Iam feeling good about it.
anyway, she is Padmaja,an engineer joining me for a dream life together.
so my dear friends I would love to have you around on the following occasions.. when i take this big turn..

Marriage: On 15th december 2005,11:30am at MNR gardens, LBnagar saroornagar(m), hyderabad.
Engagement: On 6th November at her residency..
"The secret of a happy marriage is still a secret"
i swear i will let you know when i find it.

      another victim of the fatal attraction towards Marriage.